Hi, my name is Trevor and you might remember me from such popular podcasts as Nobody’s Listening, and…well that’s it really.  This is the home of my new attempt at launching a podcast on my own, The Mouse and Keyboard Podcast which will be dedicated to gaming on the PC.  I was searching for a PC gaming podcast to listen to that was informative and entertaining and couldn’t find one…so I decided to try to make one.  This page is the result of that attempt…or at least it will be soon.

 Date Posted: 23 Jul 2009 @ 09 16 PM
Last Modified: 24 Jul 2009 @ 11 53 AM
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  1. Audra Chenault (Marvel_geek) says:

    It’s good I listened to it last night loved it.

  2. I love It! I am a huge fan of Trevor and am also a big pc gamer. So when I heard that he was doing a pc gaming podcast I dropped everything and listened to it.

  3. techicklet says:

    Princess Rattface, I mean Trevor, I know that you usually talk about the more polished and mainstream games but I found one of the best little games I’ve ever seen. It’s a single button game and it’s quick and you just don’t want to stop playing it. It’s called Canabalt and here’s a link to it, http://www.addictinggames.com/canabalt.html. It’s a truly remarkable little game and I think you’ll appreciate it.
    Techicklet, I mean Keith

  4. joe brown says:

    hey trevor, i was wondering if i could promote your podcast on my podcast “the everything show”

  5. admin says:

    Of course…I don’t have a promo yet, but I’m hoping to have one done up in the next couple of weeks.

  6. admin says:

    That is a neat little game. So simple, yet so, “I need to try again” :)

  7. tzone says:

    Hey Trevor

    I’m a big fan of you from Nobody’s Listening, and now I am enjoying Mouse and Keyboard! I can’t help but tell that you seem to enjoy RTS games a lot. In the first 2 episodes, you mention a lot of RTS games including many I’ve never heard of. I also know that you are a fan of steam, and perhaps valve and all of its games too. And I have just the perfect game suggestion for you! Natural Selection is a combination RTS/FPS game that pits humans against aliens. The humans get 1 commander who controls his team like he is playing an RTS, but he relies on the skills of his other teammates to kill the aliens, build structures, etc. The aliens play with more of a ‘hive mind’ approach. Check it out at unknownworlds.com. Also, Natural Selection 2 is coming out soon, so cross your fingers and hope that the sequel is incredible!

  8. joe brown says:

    Hey Trevor, its Cooliodude and Squish from last nights podcast. Here is the site to which out promo is loacated and if you would br willing to play this show we would be really grateful.


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